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MacBook Pro Mid-2012 Review: Still Works Like Charm

MacBook Pro 2012 model was announced a decade ago. And you can still see it running like a charm by many users. Even I am also a MacBook Pro Mid-2012 user. So, I am going to do a MacBook Pro Mid-2012 review to tell you guys if it’s still worth it in 2022 or not.

Before getting started with this review, I’d like to tell you that this article is not a promotional article. I am sharing this article based on my experience with the MacBook Pro Mid-2012 model. It’s been almost two years with this laptop.

About MacBook Pro Mid-2012

MacBook Pro Mid-2012 supports Apple macOS up to Catalina only. However, with the help of some external tools, you can install macOS BigSur as well as macOS Monterey. Moreover, it supports RAM up to 16 Gigabytes i.e. 8GB+8GB Slots. There are two RAM slots in this MacBook.

If you are a heavy user, you can install RAM up to 16GB. But in my case, I’ve installed only 10GB i.e. 8GB+2GB. But for better performance, it’s advisable to install either 4GB+4GB or 8GB+8GB. Furthermore, the specifications of both RAM sticks must match.

Like it supports 1600MHz DDR3, both sticks must be of the same MHz and DDR. Otherwise, you might encounter some issues with performance.

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Specifications Overview

Display13″ (1280×800 px)
Up to 2560×1600
Graphics1.5GB Intel HD 4000
ProcessorIntel i5 3rd Gen
Dual Core 2.5GHz
RAM4GB, up to 16GB
StorageEither HDD or SSD,
up to 1TB
USB2 Ports
Thunderbolt1 Port
Charger TypeMagSafe 60W
Headphone JackYes
Keyboard TypeSoft & Backlit
(Super Silent)

From the above specifications box, you can see some of the great features of this laptop. The display resolution might seem basic, but trust me, these are far better than the other laptops on the market. The other laptops have 1360×720 but have nothing like that visually.

Moreover, the 1.5GB Graphics Card lets you do some powerful photo or video editing. The keyboard of this laptop is too soft and comfortable to type. Moreover, it’s super-silent to work at late night. And the backlit lets you work even more efficiently without any errors.

You can control your Mac precisely with the only touchpad. The touchpad of this laptop isn’t ordinary. You can use your Mac like an Android device with its trackpad. Whether it is clicking or tapping, scrolling or zooming, dragging or dropping, you can do it with a touchpad straightforwardly.

Should I Upgrade My MacBook Pro Mid-2012?

Yes, definitely. To achieve peak performance, you need to upgrade your MacBook Pro Mid-2012 model. In 2022, there are a lot of heavy tasks that you’ve to do and you need the best performance for that.

By upgrading your MBP mid-2012 model, you can easily perform tasks like Programming, video editing, copywriting, and anything that you do.

Mandatory Things for Upgrading

There are only two mandatory things that you require for upgrading your MacBook Pro mid-2012 Model:

  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • RAM (4+4GB or 8+8GB)


Solid State Drive, frequently known as SSD, is one of the most effective ways to boost your laptop’s performance. If you buy a MacBook Pro mid-2012 model from any seller, most of the time it comes out with an HDD. However, there are some sellers who sell with an SSD installed.

But if you get an HDD model, you need to replace that HDD with an SSD. Or if you want to test out the performance by yourself, you could first use HDD for your tasks and then repeat the same, however with an SSD this time. You will definitely notice a big change in the performance.

I recommend you install the Crucial MX500 SSD. Or if you have more budget, you could go for Samsung Evo. And if you have a lesser budget, you could go for the Crucial BX500 model.


RAM is not really as important as an SSD. However, if want to do heavy tasks such as programming languages, photo or video editing, Adobe software, or any other heavy software, then it’s mandatory to upgrade your RAM.

And if you want to upgrade your RAM, make it 8GB+8GB. Because if you install lesser than that, you may need to change in the future. Because who knows what type of things you have to do with your laptop in the future?

Things like multi-tasking with big-sized software and something like that. We all know how important RAM is when it comes to multitasking. So, I advise you to install 16GB RAM to be prepared from the beginning.

MacBook Pro Mid-2012 Review

The mid-2012 model of the MacBook is far better than any other laptop in the market. It costs less and yet, delivers a furious performance. If you are thinking about purchasing a laptop, however, don’t have much budget, MacBook Pro Mid-2012 is the perfect choice for you.

You only need to upgrade it if it has less RAM and no SSD, which will cost a few extra bucks. But it will be worth it. I tested my MacBook Pro mid-2012 model with other laptops in the market, and my MacBook Pro won like a rising star.

Price of MacBook Pro Mid-2012 Model

I am from India, I bought it in January 2021, and it cost me around 25,000 INR. In USD, it’s around $300. But if you’re from the USA or another country, it will cost you less. The other laptops will cost you around $500 or more, but won’t be able to deliver the performance of this MacBook Pro model.

Final Words

I have already exposed everything I could. Now, you can research more if you want. Watch videos on YouTube, there are a lot of comparison videos. For me, it’s the best investment ever. I was going to purchase another laptop until my friend told me about it. And when I used his MacBook Pro, I was certain that this is what I need.

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